Playtime is earned by spending time on approved educational apps


Limit access to games, and block access to entire apps.


You Decide What is Appropriate for Your Kids.


Help kids focus on worthwhile and educational apps.


Create a customized home screen for your kids that only allows access to approved apps



Create a Child-Friendly Home Screen

Kids play any of the apps from the educational category in order to unlock apps in the game category. You have full control to decide which apps are available, and you can set and adjust appropriate time limits.


Setup Your Apps

Select from the apps on your phone – are they games or educational? Unselected apps will be locked out and not be available for use while Play This 2 Play That is active.


Set Incentives and Rewards

Set your own time limits and rewards. You can quickly and easily define time requirements for educational apps, as well as how game time is rewarded.


Limit Playtime

Once the earned playtime is used up, children must spend more time on educational games to earn more, and parents can set maximum limits.